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Hi, I’m Sarah

Welcome to Mindful Wellness Classroom! I started Mindful Wellness Classroom as a result of my own journey as a parent and my continued work with maternal health, children, and families in my clinical practice. Mindful Wellness Classroom provides e-courses offering skills that provide opportunities for individuals and families to thrive in empathy and understanding while managing the many big feelings life brings!

Helping Children With Transition:

Helping Children with Change Butterfly E-Course Image

A course for parents and families.

Whether it’s a move, starting a new school, a shift in your family, or grieving a loss, this step-by-step course will give you everything you need to help your child in their journey with transitions. This course will give you easy to use tools, skills, and language that help your child and family to approach change with health and connection!

  • Explore your relationship to change through a video-audio guided self-paced Parent Workbook
  • A narrative story with printables and worksheets to give your family a language to talk about changes and anticipatory changes
  • Five social-emotional lessons to do as a family with language that supports how children approach change and can securely move through changes
  • Worksheets, printables, and instructions for each activity with self-paced video/audio support for parents. 
  • Kid approachable discussion questions for the family for continued sharing and learning.

Birthing After Trauma or Loss: A Post-Partum Birth Plan:

Birthing After Trauma or Loss E-Course Image

A Post-Partum Birthing Plan for Expectant Mothers with a History of Traumatic Birth or Loss

If you are birthing after loss or have a previous traumatic birthing experience, this post-partum birthing plan can help. Here you will find all you and your partner need to walk through a step-by-step plan for your post-partum care to provide an opportunity for healing and secure attachment with your baby. 
  • Birthing After Trauma or Loss Post-Pardum Care Plan PDF to be completed with your partner and specialized to your unique needs and history. 
  • Self-paced video/audio support walking you through each aspect of the Post-Partum Care Plan with prompting discussion questions for you and your partner. 

Rage & Helplessness: Supporting Woman with PMDD:

Rage and Helplessness E-Course Image of Girl Sitting on Sofa With a Sad Face

A course designed to help women understand PMDD and the tools available for healing and symptom management.

This course is designed for women who feel controlled by their cycle and the constant mood swings, irritability, rage, or hopelessness that overwhelms them through the month. In this course, we walk through the various symptoms of PMDD and understand how we can listen to our bodies and cycles to help manage these distressing symptoms. We also learn from various providers about the natural and pharmacological ways to treat symptoms as well as explore the root causes of the issue.

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