Hi, I’m Sarah,

Trauma expert, EMDR therapist, consultant, and training facilitator.

I am also a wife, mama, and learning therapist committed to exploring the impact trauma has on our birthing, parenting, and quality of life.

I’m so glad you’re here.

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The only thing worse than going through it . . . is going through it alone.

You are not alone now.

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Explore EMDR therapy as a weekly or intensive model. Learn about EMDR consultation for trained therapists!

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Help your children with change, loss, anxiety, and so much more! Sarah’s e-courses equip parents to help their children with BIG feelings in a big world!



Perinatal & Infant Loss

Pregnancy, Infertility, and Post-Partum

Parenting Triggers

Teens and Adolescents

Young Adults


Hey Parents!

Do you ever feel yourself responding to your children in ways that you recognize are disproportionate to the situation?

Maybe you feel trapped in what feels like an involuntary response to your child? I’ve been there too. Exploring parenting triggers can  help you develop a sense of self-compassion that equips  you to heal and change. Download your free workbook and learn a step-by-step process for understanding and managing parenting triggers.

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Free Workbook On Understanding Parenting Triggers!

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